Why Do Our California Olive Groves Look More Like Vineyards?

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Planting smaller olive trees in tight rows promotes uniform fruit ripening across the entire grove. Dino Cortopassi realized that this method allows us to harvest our olives at uniform maturity, allowing us to make high quality olive oil which is both highly flavorful and extremely consistent!

Just like his great-grandfather, Serafino Cortopassi, Dino has vigilantly stayed aware of new farming practices that can improve the quality and harvest of his crops. Serafino brought the Cortopassi family out of serfdom and poverty in 19th century Italy by being one of the first to see the benefit of using a newly invented mechanical wheat threshing machine. Over a century later, Dino was quick to see vineyard style planting as another farming practice that would allow him to produce fresh extra virgin olive oil at a consistency and quantity that quality oriented independent Italian restaurants and pizzerias require.

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