Flavor Robbing Air

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Why did CORTO choose Bag-in-Box packaging over tins and jugs?
In authentic Italian cooking, the role of olive oil is to enhance the flavor and aroma of the foods it accompanies. That’s why Corto insists on harvesting our fresh olives at green-ripe flavor maturity, rushing them to our mill, and immediately protecting the fresh oil from flavor-robbing heat, light, and air.

To keep our oil tasting its freshest, we store it in tall stainless steel casks within our climate controlled cellar where it remains a constant 65°F year round. We top the inside of each cask with nitrogen gas (the biggest component of breathable air) to chase out flavor-damaging oxygen.
Then, only after we receive a restaurant distributor’s order, do we actually package our oil “just in time” to complete the shipment. As we fill and seal the containers, we add another shot of nitrogen to keep air at bay.

Choosing the right container for the job.
We work so hard to maximizing fresh-olive flavor on our end, we wanted to find a container that would keep protecting our oil’s flavor after it is opened on the customer’s end.
This is important because restaurateurs typically use olive oil in smaller portions as needed, leaving the remainder stored in the container in which it came.

The problem with conventional jugs and tins is that whenever they let oil out, they let an equal amount of air in. Air exposure is compounded if the container is punctured (to allow faster pouring) or left uncapped.

Keeping air out and flavor in.
What make’s Corto’s Bag-in-Box unique is the pushbutton tap which keeps air from re-entering the container when oil is removed. (Unlike rigid-walled containers, the bag inside the box collapses over time.)

The tap’s location at the bottom edge of the box also allows chefs to easily dispense oil from a counter or shelf without having to lift the entire container.