Our family roots reach back to small hillside farms of Lucca, Italy. In our family, flavorful food has always been a source of family pride.

“A tavola Cortopassi, si mangia sempre bene!”
(At the Cortopassi table, we always eat well!)

Amerigo Cortopassi, age 17, working in artichoke fields in Santa Cruz, CA.
Even after Amerigo Cortopassi came to California in the 1920s, our farming family continued many Old Country food traditions, like making our own salami, sausage, prosciutto, wine, and canned tomatoes. In those early days, good Italian olive oil was thankfully available in America.
Nonna Teresa Cortopassi cooking on the family farm, near Lodi in California’s San Joaquin Valley.

Because we are also a family of cooks, fresh tasting olive oil has remained an important source of traditional flavor in our cooking.

Sadly, we have noticed a quality decline in imported olive oil over time.

Olives grown in our trellised, vineyard-style groves ripen extremely consistently.
When Dino Cortopassi, Amerigo’s son, found a new way to plant and harvest olives in trellised, vineyard-style rows, which produces especially consistent, fresh-tasting extra virgin olive oil (like imported olive oil used to taste), we founded Corto Olive to grow and press our own premium olive oil, right here in California.
Nonno Amerigo Cortopassi (2nd from right) reuniting with his family , back in Lucca, Italy, in 1947.


That is why we like to say:

“Corto Olive is rooted in Italy and raised in California.”