TRULY™ Extra Virgin Olive Oil
20 Liter FlavorLock™ Box

Our largest volume package offers 20 Liters of our remarkably fresh TRULY Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Unlike typical tins or jugs which expose their contents to air, our 20 Liter FlavorLock™ Box keeps our TRULY EVOO fresh, even after opening.  A perfect size for frequent sautéing or frying!

Front of the house usage – Serve Cold for bread-dipping, dressing salads, when full-bodied fresh olive flavor is preferred.

Back of the house usage – Drizzle on warm entrees, vegetable sautéing, in cooked sauces, marinades, etc.

Our Corto Olive® oils are exclusively available through select food service distributors across the U.S. For help in locating them in your area, please call us at 888-832-0051.

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