The Dream of Corto Olive Oil

By / 1st January, 2016 / Corto in the Press / Off

Once Dino Cortopassi figured out how growing olives in tight vineyard-style rows and harvesting them with modified grape harvesters would produce extremely fresh tasting consistent olive oil he had to decide whether the risk of starting a brand new company in California to grow and mill ultra premium olive oil was worth it.

On the one hand, for years, European producers had been flooding the American market with substandard olive oil falsely labeled as extra virgin at impossibly low prices.

On the other hand, he saw the popularity of premium tomato products made by his other company, Stanislaus Food Products, appreciated by America’s best independent Italian restaurants and pizzerias. Dino was convinced that, when properly educated, plenty of restaurateurs were willing to pay more for premium ingredients which made their food taste dramatically better.

As a result, he resolved to build a state-of-the-art mill capable of milling and protecting truly ultra-premium quality olive oil. Combined with New World vineyard-style planting and harvesting, the dream of Corto was born!