SB657 Statement

Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010

Stanislaus Food Products Company ("Stanislaus") maintains a valuable reputation in the business community for honesty and fair dealing by acting ethically and in accordance with the laws applicable to our business. It is the expectation of Stanislaus that each of our suppliers will likewise conduct its business in a legal and ethical manner.


As required by the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010, Stanislaus hereby discloses our efforts to eradicate slavery and human trafficking from our direct supply chain:

 1. Verification - We will assess the risks of our significant direct suppliers' non-compliance with the applicable Federal, State, and International laws regarding slavery and human trafficking and, where appropriate, verify through certification using internal resources. We will use independent third party verification where we believe it is appropriate and necessary.

2. Audits - We reserve the right to audit our suppliers to evaluate their compliance with company policies and procedures including, and where appropriate or feasible, use of unannounced third party auditors.

3. Certifications - For direct suppliers whom Stanislaus believes there is a significant risk of non-compliance with the above referenced Act, Stanislaus will request those suppliers to certify that their products are made in compliance with the laws regarding human trafficking and slavery of the countries in which the suppliers are doing business.

4. Accountability Standards - Stanislaus will maintain internal accountability standards and procedures for employees failing to meet company standards regarding human trafficking and slavery.

5. Training - Stanislaus is in the process of developing training on human trafficking and slavery for all company employees who have direct responsibility for supply chain management.