Our olive oil is a celebration of the creativity of chefs and food fans the world over. We wouldn’t be here without them, so this page is all about the great work they do. In other words, these stories are about you.

Episode 5

Chef Hari

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

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Every ingredient has a life cycle. It is critical to capture each of them at the peak of perfection, like Fall harvest with olive oil.

- Chef Hari Cameron

Chef Hari Cooking Scallop Tall Scallop plate

Hari's Dish

Wild Juniper Pan Roasted Scallops

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Episode 4

Chef Silvia

LaRina Pastificio & Vino

Brooklyn, New York

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Cooking is my life. I love cooking. When I cook, the world doesn’t exist anymore and it’s just me, pasta, and my vision.

- Chef silvia barban

Chef Silvia cooking Silvia's pasta dish

Silvia's Dish

Purple Potato Mezzaluna with Meyer Lemon Olive Oil

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Episode 3

Chef Trevor

West Coast Provisions

Richmond, Virginia

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Ingredients matter. You can’t hide what you put on a plate.

- Chef trevor knotts

Chef trevor cooking Fish plate olive oil drip

Trevor’s Dish

Rockfish with Date Vinaigrette

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Episode 2

Chef Audrey

Audrey Jane’s Pizza Garage

Boulder, Colorado

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Fresh olive oil elevates food and takes it to a whole new level with new flavors.

- Chef audrey Kelly

Chef Audrey Egg dish Chef Audrey Cooking

audrey’s Dish

Marinated Zucchini Salad

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Episode 1

Chef Jackson

Jame Enoteca

El Segundo, California

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Oil makes a huge difference but that’s not how chefs usually think about oil.

- Chef jackson kalb

Gremola closeup Gremola in rows

jackson’s Dish

Crab Cakes with “Gremolada”

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I love the freshness and brightness of Corto oils. Freshness matters and makes a huge difference.

Chef Trevor


With Corto, I get the texture - the smoothness and creaminess - I seek in my pastas that I cannot get with other olive oils.

Chef Silvia

Brooklyn, New York

It was an easy choice to choose TRULY® over other oils. And the packaging in FlavorLock boxes makes so much sense.

Chef Reddy

Denver, Colorado

Oil coming from Italy to America - it would be so easy for the oil to change flavor. However with Corto, the flavors don't change.

Chef Silvia

Brooklyn, New York

There are a lot of misconceptions about olive oil. Knowledge is power. I hope that once people know the difference, they will embrace companies like Corto who are bringing fresh olive oil to our kitchens.

Chef Audrey

Boulder, Colorado

Using La Padella® definitely improved the dish. The moisture of the chicken cooked with this oil far exceeded my expectations. And it doesn’t burn in the pan!

Chef Anita

Yountville, California