A whole new world of fresh.

At Corto, we do right by our fruit, producing only the freshest and most honest olive oil around. Our farming family's food traditions reach back generations to Lucca, Italy. Knowing how fresh olive oil is supposed to taste created our passion for crafting exceptionally fresh Fall harvest olive oil at the peak of flavor. Come see what we’re all about.

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We’re here to make a difference.

Most olive oils use overripe fruit that’s fallen to the ground — but we don’t believe in cutting corners. Our one-of-a-kind approach guarantees only the freshest results.


The Grove

...starting at the grove. While most olives are harvested long after their prime in the late winter, we gather ours in the fall, when they’re just turning from green to violet.


The Mill

Then they’re cold-extracted in our state-of-the-art mill. And it’s all in a day’s work. The result?


The Cellar

Stunningly-bright oil you’d have to taste to believe. And we do (each and every single batch). Once it passes the test, it’s stored in a special, climate-controlled cellar.


The Package

And thanks to our unique FlavorLock™ Box which blocks harmful light and oxygen, it’ll stay 100% truly-fresh, right to the last drop.

'Corto Family'




Field Director



Rooted in Italy, raised in California.

As a family that originated in Lucca, Italy, we come from a long line of cooks (and people who, well, just love to eat). That’s why we believe our olive oil should be as transparent as we are: Nothing but goodness from grove to box. Because that’s what every chef, in every restaurant and home, deserves.

Cortopassi Family Signature

Honesty and quality from farm to table

Sourced from unique harvesting methods and packaged with eco-friendly designs, our dedication to honesty and quality shines through in every drop. Experience olive oil that's as genuine as our values, with no over-processing or hidden ingredients—just the best, straight from our farm to your table.

Hear From Our Farmers

farmers walking in olive groves
hands cupping olives

Building a more sustainable future

Corto delivers the freshest, most antioxidant-rich olive oil while actively working toward a more sustainable future for California agriculture. From grove to mill to FlavorLock™ box, we are committed to protecting and preserving our most precious resources and local ecosystems while systematically reducing waste.

Carbon Impact
+ Energy Efficiency

Healthy Soils
+ Ecosystems

Water Conservation
+ Drought Tolerance

Responsible Packaging


Let’s go back to the beginning.

Come along as we travel back in time to get a glimpse of life in Italy, the farm, our family, and food that started it all.

I love the freshness and brightness of Corto oils. Freshness matters and makes a huge difference.

Chef Trevor


With Corto, I get the texture - the smoothness and creaminess - I seek in my pastas that I cannot get with other olive oils.

Chef Silvia

Brooklyn, New York

It was an easy choice to choose TRULY® over other oils. And the packaging in FlavorLock boxes makes so much sense.

Chef Reddy

Denver, Colorado

Oil coming from Italy to America - it would be so easy for the oil to change flavor. However with Corto, the flavors don't change.

Chef Silvia

Brooklyn, New York

There are a lot of misconceptions about olive oil. Knowledge is power. I hope that once people know the difference, they will embrace companies like Corto who are bringing fresh olive oil to our kitchens.

Chef Audrey

Boulder, Colorado

Using La Padella® definitely improved the dish. The moisture of the chicken cooked with this oil far exceeded my expectations. And it doesn’t burn in the pan!

Chef Anita

Yountville, California