If you are a quality restaurateur, most of our products are available exclusively through foodservice distributors across the U.S.  If you would like help in locating them in your area, call us at (888) 832-0051!

For the home chef our CORTO® TRULY® Extra Virgin Olive Oil is available in our Shop.


You only have one chance to make a good first impression – make it with award-winning CORTO® TRULY® Extra Virgin Olive Oil…for just pennies a serving.

We harvest our olives at the peak of freshness and promptly cold-press them in our state-of-the-art mill. The fresh flavor of the oil is maintained by holding it in our climate controlled cellar prior to packaging. We are committed to superior quality every step of the way.

Why do we say “TRULY® Extra Virgin”? Despite many bland imposters, we are absolutely dedicated to making the real thing.

Perfectly Balanced Blend for Delicate Foods

Designed to pair with naturally delicate foods, 51-49® provides subtle fresh olive flavor in dressing salads, finishing warm entrees, light sautéing, and enriching signature sauces

Superior Smoke Point and Authentic Extra Virgin Flavor

La Padella® (Pah-dell-ah) is crafted specifically for high-performance sautéing with authentic olive oil character.

The “backbone” of La Padella® is provided by Rice Bran Oil which delivers a superior high smoke point, and fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil which adds real olive oil flavor and aroma. This precision blend is completed with Avocado and Grapeseed Oils to make La Padella® the perfect choice for high performance kitchens seeking flavor authenticity.