Corto in Your Kitchen

Chef Hari Cameron

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Chef Hari Cameron struggled with dyslexia and ADD growing up and kitchens grounded him. He worked at a couple Delaware seaside restaurants before attending The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College in Philadelphia. He honed his craft at Nage (now Fork + Flask) before opening a(MUSE) in 2012 in Rehoboth Beach. Three years later he launched casual, pasta-focused Grandpa (MAC) with his brother Orion, now with two locations. For his progressive, Mid-Atlantic cuisine at a(MUSE), Cameron earned national attention, including James Beard’s “Rising Star Chef,” “Best Chef, Mid-Atlantic,” and a StarChefs Rising Stars Award in 2018.

Q & A with Chef Hari

You have been recognized by James Beard and Star Chefs as being one of the best chefs in the country. What’s your style of cooking?

A: I was cooking Farm to Table before that was a thing. I am always curating the seasons, so people can taste the area we are in and the fresh, local ingredients. I find what is beautiful, present it, dress it lightly, and serve to guests.

Q: Why do you cook with your son?

A: My son, Max, is four and a half. When I cook with him, it not only allows us to spend time together but also teaches him skills he can use the rest of his life. Everybody needs to eat and everyone needs to care for people. There is no better way to do that than through cooking.

Every ingredient has a life cycle. It is critical to capture each of them at the peak of perfection, like Fall harvest with olive oil.

- Chef Hari Cameron

Q: What’s your process for foraging in the wild?

A: When I am out foraging, I am looking for wild ingredients that fit aesthetically and flavor-wise with the dish I am creating. I really enjoy being with nature. When walking outside, you can let your mind be still, feeling the nature and breeze against you and finding inspiration and creativity.

Q: Why do you use Corto?

A: I love the freshness, the flavor, and the consistency of all three of Corto’s oils. The freshness of the olive oil really determines the outcome of the dish by harmonizing all of the flavors. It is impossible to create exceptional food without great ingredients. I use all three oils: La Padella® for cooking proteins, 51-49® for sauces, and TRULY® as the finishing oil that heightens and enhances the aromas of my food.

I love the freshness, the flavor, and consistency of Corto. I use all three oils in my kitchen.

- Chef Hari Cameron