Notes from Our Olive Grove

Winter ‘20: The Pursuit of Perfection

february 2020 notes from the olive grove

We are happy to report that our 2019 Fall harvested TRULY® Extra Virgin Olive Oil is safely resting in our casks at the mill. However, our growers like cousin Ray, Jeff, along with our Field Director Paul continue to be hard at work preparing for the next year’s Fall harvest.

During the Winter, our dedicated growers invest significant time evaluating the condition of the soil and the trees of every grove. A precise soil fertility program and a detailed pruning plan are developed for each grove in order to put the olive trees in the position to yield an abundance of high quality olives destined to become flavorful Extra Virgin Olive Oil next season.

This is also the time of the year when our growers gather at Corto’s Annual Growers Meeting. Best practices are shared and new ideas are exchanged among the farmers. All of this hard work and due diligence take place because all of us at Corto believe that in the race of continuous improvement, there is no finish line!

It takes dedication, hard work, and innovation to produce incredibly fresh Fall harvested Extra Virgin Olive Oil. At Corto, we continue our pursuit of perfection, from the soil to the oil, all year long.

Until next season, Ciao!