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Interview with Chef Anita Cartagena

Protea, Yountville, California

Interview with Chef Anita Cartagena

We had the pleasure to connect with Chef Anita Cartagena on IG Live and hear how her fast-casual Caribbean concept, Protea, is pushing forward in the heart of the Napa Valley. Thank you, Anita, for sharing your ideas with us!

Here are a few of Anita’s tips:

  • Use your local chamber of commerce as a network to stay connected with other businesses.

Anita talks to other owners once a week on Zoom to discuss any updates and to share what each is experiencing.

  • Minimize variables around sourcing by bringing in a bigger bulk of products which you can utilize across several items.

Protea’s menu has been tightened up so that it uses core ingredients like pork and olive oil in multiple different ways.

  • Cater kits or bundles to customers who want to cook at home on their own timeline.

Anita has had great success selling marinated Asado pork chops, fajitas, and a fresh ramen stir fry.

  • Convey a sense of love and comfort through your food.

Get outside of your ego and give people the food they really want to eat. Cook what you’re craving!

Watch the full interview for even more inspiration and actionable ideas.

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