Together With Chefs

Interview with Chef Billy Manzo

Providence, Rhode Island

interview with chef billy Manzo

Photo via Pizza Magazine

We had the pleasure to connect with Chef Billy Manzo on IG Live and hear how Federal Hill Pizza is adapting at their two locations in Rhode Island. Billy shared some secrets for building business on social media and also a clever idea for adding to a customer’s at-home experience with their pizza kits. Thank you, Billy, for sharing your ideas with us!

Here are a few of Billy’s tips:

  • Consider the audience you have access to on social media, and use the platform to communicate news and specials quickly.

Billy has found social media to be the best avenue for announcing hours, daily specials, and new offerings as they're added.

  • Facebook advertising can be a tool to target potential customers in your immediate area.

Federal Hill focuses on the dine in experience, so they did not have a large list of contacts available for marketing as they moved to a takeaway model. Billy found Facebook to be an easy way to reach these new contacts, and let them know he was open for business.

  • Accompany sales or donations of meal kits with virtual cooking classes to teach technique.

Billy has been supporting the workforce in his local hospitals by donating individual pizza kits, and coupling the kits with classes over Zoom for a fun and educational experience. Beyond offering instruction, the classes also help to ensure that the end product turns out delicious and is an appropriate reflection of your restaurant.

  • Challenge carryout customers to post a picture of their meal with a chance to win a gift certificate as a way to create buzz and reach new audiences.

Not only do the customers get to show off, but you do, too!

Watch the full interview for even more inspiration and actionable ideas.

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