Together With Chefs

Interview with Chef Kevin Meehan

Kali Restaurant, Los Angeles, California

interview with chef kevin meehan

We had the pleasure to connect with Chef Kevin Meehan on IG Live and hear how his Michelin-starred restaurant, Kali, is navigating through an unprecedented pivot to a takeout model. Thank you, Kevin, for sharing your ideas with us!

Here are a few of Kevin’s tips:

  • Maintain a sense of responsibility as a business owner and weigh safety ahead of opportunity.

Throughout every decision, Kevin has kept his staff, community and customers in mind to be sure that he is able to maintain health and safety along with his business.

  • Consider reopening scenarios both with and without the receipt of government funding and develop action plans for each.

Because Kali had plans in place for multiple scenarios, they could immediately spring into action when they received a PPP loan.

  • Think about what modified job descriptions will look like for reopening in a modified work environment.

With the reopening as Kali 2.0, Kevin recognizes that the restaurant is operating as an entirely new concept. The change brings new responsibilities such as managing and distributing takeaway orders which will need to be assigned.

  • Designate a “COVID Inspector” each day to be responsible for overseeing new policies such as taking employee temperatures.

Having one person responsible on a rotating basis provides an easy way to ensure the new procedures are followed and fulfilled.

  • Since takeout is not a presentation-based menu, instead focus on creating something that is delicious, travels well and supports your local network of suppliers.

On his new menu, Kevin is including selected Kali classics along with new dishes that use the same products he used previously, but in a travel-friendly format.

  • Use a reservation platform such as Tock to sell tickets and control timing for picking up takeout orders.

With added functionality on a platform Kali was using already, they are able to control the flow of guests and manage orders efficiently.

Watch the full interview for even more inspiration and actionable ideas.

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