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Best Olive Oil for Cooking

Original article from Good Housekeeping

By Nicole Papantoniou, Good Housekeeping Institute And Zee Krstic

Corto 100% Estra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive oil is like wine: Its taste is affected by where the olives are grown, when they’re picked and how they’re processed — and some olive oils taste better in some dishes than others. Lighter tasting olive oils are ideal for cooking with, while more flavorful olive oils are great for dressings. The strongest or most complex olive oils are great for drizzling or dipping.

In the Good Housekeeping Test Kitchen and the Good Housekeeping Institute Kitchen Appliances Lab and Nutrition Lab, we use extra virgin olive oil, which is made from pure olives, for just about everything. It has numerous health benefits and proves to be versatile whether we’re making eggs or finishing a dip like hummus. Here [is one of] the best olive oils you can buy based on the ones we reach for most in our test kitchens, labs and homes.

Best Mild-Tasting Olive Oil

Corto 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Corto harvests their olives when they're young and antioxidants are at their peak (compared to many other olive oil brands that harvest them when they're overripe), which delivers a more mild and fresh taste than you're likely used to. When we tasted it for the first time, we were surprised that it didn't linger on our tongues or make our mouths feel oily for long. It dissipated instead — the mark of young olives. This extra virgin olive oil is smooth with a slightly peppery kick, which makes it quite versatile. We like using it for cooking and in dressings.


  • Tasting notes: Smooth, slightly peppery
  • Best for: Cooking, drizzling, finishing a dish