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Master Miller David on the "Cooking with Bruce & Mark" Podcast

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Cooking with Bruce & Mark with Master Miller David Garci-Aguirre of Corto

Episode Description:

Hi there! We're Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough. We're the authors of countless magazine articles and almost three dozen cookbooks under our own names (not counting those ghosted for celebs).

We're got a packed podcast for you this time around. We're taking down some of the silliest eating advice we've heard so far in 2023 and offering you a little bit of what we consider "food media literacy." We've got a one-minute cooking tip and Bruce interview David Garci-Aguirre, an olive-oil producer who'll help you find the best on the market. Plus, as always, we'll tell you what's making us happy in food this week.

Here are the segments for this episode of COOKING WITH BRUCE & MARK:

  • [00:57] The outrageously false eating, food, and health advice we've seen (so far!) in 2023.
  • [18:37] Our one-minute cooking tip: Buy a pastry brush!
  • [19:23] Bruce's interview with olive-oil producer David Garci-Aguirre
  • [40:57] What’s making us happy in food this week? Chocolate-covered candied orange peel and having lunch out as a treat sometime during the workweek.