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Corto is awarded #1 in the US by EVOO World Ranking

EVOO Award Winner 2020

LODI, Calif., Feb 17, 2021 -- The Corto Olive Company has been recognized by the Extra Virgin Olive Oil World Rankings (EVOOWR) as the #1 EVOO in the United States for our TRULY®. In addition to being named the country’s top olive oil, TRULY® is the only American product to make the annual list’s global top 100 list.

About Corto TRULY®: Named TRULY® because it’s the real deal — full-bodied and dynamic with bright floral notes you can only get from the highest quality fruit. Made from olives harvested at the peak of freshness, the fresh oil is cold-extracted within hours at our state-of-the-art mill, then sealed in our very own patented packaging so it’ll taste just as fresh when it reaches your kitchen.

About the EVOO World Ranking:The EVOOWR is a non-profit ranking, created to promote the world’s most awarded Extra Virgin Olive Oils worldwide. The participants that receive “EVOO of the Year" are acknowledged as the best in the world, both by EVOO World Ranking and consumers alike.