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Pizza Talk: Corto’s David Garci-Aquirre and Lisa Pollack Discuss the Future of Olive Oil with Award-winning Baker & Pizza Aficionado Peter Reinhardt

by Peter Reinhardt, Pizza Quest
Season 2, Episode 5, August 2021

David Garci-Aguirre, Peter Reinhardt, and Lisa Pollack

In this season of Pizza Talk, from award-winning baker & pizza aficionado Peter Reinhardt, Corto’s Master Miller David Garci-Aguirre and Education Ambassador Lisa Pollack were invited to discuss the future of olive oil. The interview explores how Corto is part of an exciting global movement that totally revolutionizes how olive oil is produced, including how the olives are grown, harvested, and oil extracted. In Peter’s words: "'The baker’s mission is to evoke full potential of flavor trapped in the grain.' Here, you will discover how producers like Corto have taken on the same mission, only this time it is how to evoke the full potential of flavor trapped in the olive." Watch the full episode at the link below.