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I Tried the Olive Oil Pro Chefs Call ‘Superior,’ and I’m Never Going Back

Original article from Food and Wine

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My favorite part about Corto’s extra virgin olive oil is its fresh, earthy flavor that works well in both savory and sweet recipes. So far, I’ve used Corto’s olive oil in cakes, pasta dishes, soups, vegetable sides, homemade hummus, and salad dressings. And while I love incorporating it into everyday meals, it's one of the only olive oils I've owned that I will drizzle over dishes and dip fresh bread into (with a sprinkle of parmesan, of course). That enjoyment is the ultimate test, in my opinion. 

Aside from my editor's seal of approval, the olive oil has earned five stars from more than 700 shoppers and is even used by professional chefs, with one of them calling the quality “superior.” One reviewer whose spouse is a “fabulous home chef” and “extremely selective” of products said it’s the “only olive oil she will ever buy.” Another customer shared that they’ve been “using Corto Olive Oil for over 10 years,” adding that it’s the “best [they’ve] tasted” — including ones from Italy. 

Whether you’re like me and have been on the hunt for good-quality olive oil or are looking for a holiday gift for a foodie on your list, I highly recommend Corto’s 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Keep scrolling for more olive oil options from the brand. 

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