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Three New Things to Try in The New Year

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FoodGal La Padella Dish

Corto La Padella Saute Oil

If you cook regularly at home — and even more so now, given the pandemic — chances are you go through a lot of cooking oil.

That’s why Corto’s La Padella comes in so handy. Based in Lodi, Corto harvests olives throughout California to mill and package.

Its La Padella is a saute oil, meaning it can withstand high-heat cooking because it’s a blend of rice bran oil, extra virgin olive oil, avocado oil, and grapeseed oil. Having had the chance to try a sample, I found it rich and buttery tasting but more neutral tasting than full-on olive oil. It also held up well to both high-heat roasting and stove-top sauteing.

It comes in a 3-liter, oxygen-free box for $59.99. Think boxed wine where the wine is contained in an oxygen-free bladder that starts to collapse as you remove some from a spout into your glass, and you get the picture.

Sure, it’s a lot of oil, but if you cook frequently, you’ll definitely use it all in no time flat. Plus, the packaging protects it for a long time from air and light. You can also decant a little at a time into another container, if that makes it easier to use.

The La Padella is available on the Corto web site and on Amazon.