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The Best Large-Format Olive Oil Subscription: Corto Club Corto Classic Collection

Original article from Serious Eats

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What we liked: A supremely nice gift to give someone (or yourself) is to always have olive oil on hand. Club Corto will give you exactly that. Each shipment comes with two 500-milliliter bottles and one supremely large 3-liter box. The box has a spout, though—perfect for decanting the olive oil into a dispenser. Corto's olive oil is fresh and incredibly delicious, be it soaked up with bread or drizzled on top of pasta. If the Club's pricing doesn't appeal to you, Corto offers subscriptions on just their bottles or boxes (you can choose between recurring delivery every one, two, three, or six months).

Key Specs

  • Box includes: 2 bottles of olive oil; 1 3-liter box
  • Frequency: Twice a year
  • Good to know: Before subscribing, you can buy single bottles from the company, to make sure you like it.