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Corto® Olive Oil, the #1 Olive Oil for Top Chefs Across the Nation, Introduces Gifting Options for Food Lovers This Holiday Season

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Perfect for a variety of recipients and in a wide array of price points, Corto has everything from stocking stuffers to memberships to experiential gifts

LODI, Calif., Oct. 19, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Corto®, 100% California-grown olive oil and the secret ingredient of top chefs across the nation, has the perfect gift for anyone on your list this holiday season. Named the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the US by the Extra Virgin Olive Oil World Ranking (EVOOWR) and the only American olive oil producer to make the global top 100 list, Corto understands that great olive oil is fresh olive oil. Corto has been producing fresh California Extra Virgin Olive Oil for over 15 years in the heart of California’s Central Valley. Rooted in its Italian heritage, inspired by innovation, and committed to its values of transparency and quality, Corto’s state-of-the-art methods are married with old-world values to produce the freshest, most flavorful oil possible.

Beloved by top chefs for over a decade, Corto’s premium California olive oil only recently became widely available to consumers and now offers a variety of gifts ideal for food lovers and anyone who cooks.

"As an Italian Chef in New York City, Extra Virgin Olive Oil is that essential item that needs to be part of any kitchen — but really good Extra Virgin Olive Oil has always been a struggle to find,” said Chef Silvia Barban, Executive Chef and Co-owner of the Italian restaurant LaRina in Brooklyn and Season 14 Top Chef contestant. “Corto olive oil is the best gift you can give to someone because no matter where you live, who you are or what you cook at home, you know it is always the freshest you can find, which makes all the difference."


Perfect for the home chef who hates to run out of olive oil, Corto just introduced Club Corto, the easiest way to enjoy the freshest olive oil all year long. Choose from two Club Corto membership options to receive ongoing shipments of TRULY® 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil, plus free gifts and exclusive perks, including special, limited-edition Harvest 2021 Olive Oil, invitations to expert-led tastings, and access to chef-led cooking classes. The Classic Collection membership, ideal for the home chef who always wants a bottle on hand, costs $220. The Pantry Collection membership costs $210 and is perfect for the home chef who appreciates a well-stocked pantry. Head to for full membership details.


Sign up with a friend or give as a gift a virtual olive oil Tasting Experience with Corto. For $50 per person, participants join a certified olive oil expert for an hour-long immersive virtual tasting experience which includes a personal tasting kit with a flight of oils carefully curated to demonstrate how to detect quality and flavor in olive oil. The experience transports participants to California for a virtual walk through Corto's groves and mill, and everyone will learn practical skills for finding the freshest olive oil and pairing it in favorite holiday dishes.


Corto offers the following products on their website and Amazon that make great stocking stuffers or stand on their own:

  • NEW - Agrumato-Method Calabrian Chili Olive Oil (available on Corto’s website, $35.00, 500mL bottle) -
    This special, limited-edition Harvest 2021 oil is crafted with the Agrumato method by crushing and co-extracting heirloom varieties of Calabrian chilies with California olives harvested at peak freshness this Fall. The result is a full-bodied experience of flavors ideal for gifting and drizzling on favorite dishes this holiday season (and all year long). The 500mL “gift-worthy” bottle includes an illustrated label by Italian artist Irene Laschi, who specializes in botanical drawings.
  • TRULY® [available on Corto’s website, $24.00, 500mL bottle AND Amazon; $24.99, 500 mL bottle]- 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil that is full-bodied and dynamic with bright floral notes you could only get from fresh-squeezed juice.

These gifts stand above the rest for home cooks, foodies and curious cooks because of the quality. The best olive oil is fresh olive oil, but 70% of the olive oil commercially available in retail outlets are harvested from overripe/rotten fruit that has fallen to the ground. Dedicated to freshness from grove to plate, Corto starts by using over-the-row harvesters to gently pick olives off the branches at peak freshness. The fruit is then cold-extracted in Corto’s state-of-the-art mill within hours and stored in a climate-controlled cellar until a customer order is processed. Only then is the oil packaged directly from the cellar into Corto’s FlavorLock™ boxes and dark-glass bottles, further ensuring freshness and minimizing exposure to the harmful effects of light, heat, and air. The result is some of the freshest, most flavorful oil possible, an asset that chefs find invaluable.

Rooted in its Italian heritage, inspired by innovation and committed to its values of transparency and quality, Corto has been producing the highest quality, freshest, 100% California olive oil since 2005. Made from beautifully fresh olives grown in California groves, Corto olive oils are expertly blended by Corto’s Master Miller to achieve a stunningly bright flavor profile that professional chefs have relied on for over a decade to enhance their favorite dishes. Corto — which was named the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the US by the Extra Virgin Olive Oil World Ranking (EVOOWR) and the only American olive oil producer to make the global top 100 list — currently offers consumers two award-winning oil varieties to fit every type of cooking: TRULY® 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil and La Padella® Sauté Oil, a blend of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, rice bran, avocado, and grapeseed oils crafted specifically for high-performance sautéing.