Notes from Our Olive Grove

Winter '21: Superior Freshness

winter 2021 notes from our olive groves

Here in the calm of our climate-controlled cellar, albeit socially distant, the Corto® crew feels proud and secure knowing that our world-class TRULY® 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil is resting in our casks. This oil is the culmination of olives harvested and milled at their peak freshness in the Fall - just as the green olives are beginning to show a hint of violet. The superior freshness of the olives has been locked into the oil and is waiting to be packaged for our family of quality restaurateur customers to use for making their food taste its best.

In contrast, at this very same time of year – winter – the vast majority of commodity olive oil producers around the world are harvesting and milling overripe black olives that no longer possess any fresh flavor. They focus on cost over quality by waiting to harvest in the winter, when black olives can easily be shaken off the tree and swept up off the ground – thus making it easier and cheaper to harvest.

At Corto®, we have chosen the more difficult path in order to pursue excellence. Our commitment to our innovative harvest process enables us to remove olives from the trees at their peak freshness in the Fall. Striving to be the best is deeply embedded into who we are. In the words of our co-founder Dino Cortopassi, “In the race for superior quality, there is no finish line” – words that we live by here at Corto®.

Until next season, Ciao!

Corto TRULY® brings your food to life

Fresh olive oil is the only fat that is fresh pressed juice! Most oils and fats, on the other hand, have absolutely no flavors or aromas by design because they are refined. This is why fresh olive oil is a powerful flavor-enhancing ingredient that will make your food more flavorful!

Extraordinary Flavor for a Few Pennies per Serving.