Notes from Our Olive Grove

Winter ‘19: Ensuring Consistency

man testing olive oil

Crafting premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil in small batches is the only way of ensuring consistency!

This is our Master-Miller, Davíd. This winter, Davíd has been busy familiarizing himself with the unique flavor profile of each cask filled with fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil that we harvested just two months ago in the fall.

We believe that a thorough understanding of the nuances of our oil, and the olive fruit the oil is milled from, are key elements in making fine Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We also understand the importance of flavor consistency to restaurateurs.

This is why Davíd takes the time to taste every individual batch to identify its prominent flavor characteristics. He then determines the perfect combination of these batches for achieving the consistently distinctive flavor profile you expect of Corto TRULY® Extra Virgin Olive Oil.