Notes from Our Olive Grove

Winter ’22: Like wine making

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Like wine making,
olive oil milling is a craft.

This is our Master-Miller, David Garci-Aguirre, in our
climate-controlled cellar where our freshly Fall harvested oil is currently resting quietly inside stainless steel casks. David is extremely passionate about making the best olive oil possible. In fact, Corto’s entire milling philosophy is centered around freshness because olive oil is essentially fresh squeezed juice. Olives picked in the Fall at just the right time, green with a hint of violet, make fresher, higher quality oil.

Similar to great wines, different olive varietals each bring their own distinct flavor characteristics to olive oil. As a skilled Master-Miller, David balances the art and science of olive oil crafting to create an exceptional whole greater than the sum of its parts! The time and care David takes in evaluating/measuring/tasting each and every batch ensures our family of chefs and restaurateurs can count on our oil to be identically fresh and distinctively flavorful every single time!

As a company, Corto® strives to support chefs and inspire them to create better dishes by exploring new flavor possibilities using premium, fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil. All while, we continue to do everything we can to hone our craft of producing uniquely fresh, honest, TRULY® 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil for the most discerning of chefs.

Until next season, Ciao!