Notes from Our Olive Grove

Fall '21: Every Second Counts

Fall 2021 hero

Every second counts during our Fall Harvest

We have been waiting all year for this bountiful Fall crop of olives that are now green with a hint of violet in color — signaling they have reached their peak of freshness and flavor. Our gentle harvesters are currently working effectively and efficiently, 24/7, to wrap up this Fall harvest season in time for our family of farmers to celebrate the end of harvest during Thanksgiving.

At Corto®, we do right by our fruit, producing only the freshest and most honest olive oil. Our farming family's food traditions reach back generations to Lucca, Italy. Knowing how fresh olive oil is supposed to taste prompted us to pursue our passion for crafting exceptionally fresh Fall harvest olive oil.  Most olive oils are made with overripe fruit that has been knocked to the ground — but we don’t believe in cutting corners or inferior methods. We are committed to the Corto way, certainly not the easiest way, but one that always guarantees the best results. Our transformative harvest process enables us to remove olives from the trees at their peak freshness during a few brief weeks in October and November.  And only the olive fruit which meets our strictest freshness standards is milled, within hours of harvest, into exceptionally fresh, award-winning, TRULY® Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

It takes dedication, hard work, and innovation to produce incredibly fresh Fall harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This season, every second counts as we continue our pursuit of perfection, from the soil to the oil.

Until next season, Ciao!