Notes from Our Olive Grove

Spring ’24: Let There Be Light!

Olive harvesting

Let There Be Light!

After a long winter of resting and recharging for the growing season ahead, our groves are prepared for the important Spring season.

The olive trees are now ready for their annual pruning. In this picture you see Corto’s Field Director, Paul Busalacchi (left) with pruning shears in his hands, and one of our growers, cousin Ray, standing on a pruning tower that allows him to reach the taller parts of the olive trees. Like crafting quality olive oil, pruning also requires both science and experience. When done right, properly pruned groves will provide for a bountiful Fall harvest of flavorful olives.

Since the Spring is the start of the growing season, pruning during the Spring will stimulate new growth from where the pruning occurs. The “cycle of life” will continue as the new growth becomes the fruiting wood where olives will grow from the following year.

Quality olive fruit requires ample sunlight at every stage of the growing process. Pruning opens “windows” in the olive tree canopy that allow the sunlight to reach the olives that will eventually be growing on the tree. Ample sunlight from the time of fruit set to oil accumulation leads to an abundance of precious olives and olive oil.

It is only with the best olive fruit that we can consistently produce our uniquely fresh, Fall harvested TRULY® 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil for the most discerning of chefs. 

Until next season, Ciao!