Notes from Our Olive Grove

Summer ‘18: The Perfect Terroir

notes from the olive groves

Blessed with a Mediterranean climate and fertile soil, California is well known for being perfect for growing crops in this country. From growing grapes for wine to olives for olive oil, California has the perfect terroir.

Rich soil and the right amount of sunshine first attracted our Grandfather Amerigo to start his farm here in Lodi, California. The evenings, especially in the warm summer months, are cool because of the coastal influenced delta breezes. We are lucky to have discovered Lodi so many years ago.

Centuries of experience have proven that the location where a crop grows influences the crop’s character, and therefore the character of the product made from it. Great flavor in olive oil comes from great olives, just as delicious wine comes from good grapes. We at Corto are proud to continue our multi-generational farming tradition of milling premium quality olive oil, making the most of what our California land has to provide.