Notes from Our Olive Grove

Winter '24: Honing Our Craft!

Corto Quality Assurance

Honing Our Craft!

This is Corto's president, Cliff Little (on left) with our Master-Miller, David. This winter, Cliff and David have been tasting and evaluating our freshly milled Extra Virgin Olive Oil with our in-house panel of expert tasters. Since the completion of our harvest in November, our oil has been resting quietly in the stainless steel casks in our climate-controlled cellar in Lodi, California.

This past Fall Harvest was very fruitful, and we are excited about the superior freshness of our oil. It was a non-stop, 24-7 season, focused on harvesting green olives with a hint of violet at the peak of freshness to ensure the oil we mill is ultra fresh. As we say at our mill, "Fresh fruit in, fresh juice out!"

Cliff grew up in the Napa Valley wine region. His knowledge of the wine industry has provided him with an excellent background for leading our team in their constant pursuit of perfecting the art and science of crafting olive oil. It takes time and care to evaluate, measure, and taste every batch of oil to ensure that our extended family of chefs can count on our oil to always be fresh and flavorful. Here at Corto, we take pride in honing our craft to produce uniquely fresh, honest, TRULY® 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil for the most discerning of chefs. 

Until next season, Ciao!