Notes from Our Olive Grove

Spring '21: Spring in Full Swing

Spring 2021 hero

Spring is in full swing,
ready for new beginnings!

Before our newest olive grove can be developed, every tree must be cared for under the utmost attention in a climate-controlled nursery. The baby olive tree begins as a clipping from a healthy and mature “parent” olive tree. The clipping is then placed in a “plug” of rich soil where it will grow its own root system and a new set of leaves (shown). In the nursery, it is nurtured and irrigated with nutrient enriched water in a comfortable growth-promoting environment for ten months. By that time, the baby olive tree has established a sturdy set of roots to support its growing stem of leaves stretching 18-24 inches tall. Then it will be strong enough to move from the nursery to our new grove in California’s fertile Central Valley.

In late Spring, once the overnight temperatures become milder, our field team will go to work with the experienced farmer to transplant the baby olive trees into the new olive grove. The strength of the olive tree’s character allows it to grow up into a hearty, drought-tolerant tree that bears the olive fruit. The first part of this journey will be completed when Corto® harvests the olives and mills them into incredibly fresh and delicious Fall Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil!

Until next season, Ciao!