Notes from Our Olive Grove

Winter ’23: Tasting and Testing for Success!

Hand pouring bright green liquid

Tasting and Testing for Success!

With our harvest successfully wrapped up at the end of November, the superior freshness of our Fall-harvested olives has been locked into the oil and is resting quietly in the many stainless steel casks nestled in our climate-controlled cellar.

Here at Corto, each and every cask of oil is tested numerous times for freshness. Our commitment to freshness has led us to develop our own proprietary “Freshness Index” that utilizes and leverages the latest testing technology available. This index ensures that every drop of oil we craft meets our high standards. Additionally, we also have our own in-house panel of expert tasters who take the time and care to taste, evaluate, and classify all of our fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We understand that our customers count on our oil to be consistently fresh and distinctively flavorful for every application. This is why we believe utilizing testing technology combined with the incredible human palate sets us apart from the rest of the industry.

As Tom Cortopassi likes to say, “What gets measured, gets done!” At Corto, we will always be tasting and testing to ensure that our quality restaurateur customers receive the freshest oil that will make their food taste its best.

Until next season, Ciao!