Notes from Our Olive Grove

Spring ‘19: Awaiting Bud Break

olive branch

Another spring is upon us, starting a new cycle in the life of the olive fruit.

Our olive trees have been resting and waiting all winter to be awakened by the warm air that arrives with spring. It is this time of the year when water and nutrients begin to flow from the olive tree roots, via the trunk, to the branches — bringing renewed energy to the buds. This phenomenon in the world of wine grapes is called “bud break”, when the buds pop open and begin the development of fruit.

Many of the buds sprouting from the olive trees will turn into flower blossoms and eventually the olive fruit for this fall harvest; others will become shoots that will grow into branches. Next year, these branches will generate new buds that begin another cycle.

We are excited for this beginning of our seasonal journey that is focused on our quest of making incredibly fresh fall harvested Extra Virgin Olive Oil.