Notes from Our Olive Grove

Spring ’22: The Fruitful Harvest to Come

Spring 2022 Hero

A promise of a fruitful harvest to come.

There is a certain rhythm to farming that coincides with the seasons. In the spring, the blooming flowers bring the promise of a fruitful Fall harvest to come. The baby olive fruit peeking through the flowers is a positive sign that we hope to find throughout our olive groves. Knowing the olive fruit has "set" successfully tells us that the wheels for a successful growing season have been set in motion.

As a life-long farmer, our co-founder and family patriarch, Dino Cortopassi, always got excited about the vibrancy of spring. He appreciated the symbolism of hope that spring brings and understood that strong early season growth usually paves the way for a bountiful harvest down the road. With Dino's unfortunate passing this past winter, we honor this spring even more than most. We will always remember fondly the impact he had as a pioneer, not just for Corto, but in revolutionizing the California olive oil industry.

Hope springs eternal. A new cycle in the life of the olive fruit, and our quest for making incredibly fresh, Fall harvested, TRULY®Extra Virgin Olive Oil, begins.

Until next season, Ciao!