Notes from Our Olive Grove

Fall '20: Harvest At Last

fall 2020 notes from the olive grove

It is truly a sight to behold – watching an olive harvester at work during the beautiful Fall harvest season!

Fall is the highly anticipated time of the year in which our green olives begin to show a hint of violet color – the visual sign of peak freshness! Because we are so passionate about making extremely fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil that captures the aroma and flavor of perfectly mature olive fruit, our harvest season must be swift and efficient. Right now, we are working 24/7 to harvest during the few weeks in the Fall when the olives meet our strict freshness standards.

In contrast, most olive oil producers wait until the Winter to harvest – when the olives are black and can easily be shaken to the ground. Winter harvested overripe black olives are so far beyond peak maturity that they provide no fresh flavor to the commodity oil they will become.

By Winter, our oil will be securely stored in oxygen-free casks that reside in our climate controlled cellars. This is made possible by our specially designed over-the-row harvester, equipped with the technology to gently pluck olives from the trees at the optimal time.

Our innovative harvest process is one of the many unique steps that we take to ensure that our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is some of the freshest in the world, and why our motto is: A New World of Fresh.

Until next season, Ciao!