Notes from Our Olive Grove

Summer '23: Our Passion for Farming!

Paul Busalacchi and grower Joel Maring

Our Passion for Farming!

Our family has been deeply involved in farming for the past seven generations. This passion for agriculture goes well beyond running a business. By tilling the soil alongside our growers, we readily recognize their hard work and talent for growing high quality olives.

This is our Field Director and cousin, Paul Busalacchi (left), working with one of our growers, Joel Maring. Joel's father and grandfather were also farmers. Paul and Joel have been friends since college when they studied agriculture together at Cal Poly. Just like us, farming is in Joel's blood.

This summer, Paul, Joel, and our other growers will spend countless hours in the groves evaluating their crops. In the early summer, they will assess how well the fruit is "setting" on the mature shoots, and then in late summer measure the oil development within the olive fruit. These olives will soon turn into a bountiful Fall crop of precious oil as they reach their peak of flavor. We will then harvest and mill them within hours into our exceptionally fresh, award-winning TRULY® 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Until next season, Ciao!