Notes from Our Olive Grove

Summer ‘19: Harvesting the Sun

solar array

The long, sunny days of
summer are finally here!

As a multi-generational farming family, we have always understood and appreciated how our trees and plants efficiently harness the sun’s energy to produce their crops. Now we are thrilled to be “harvesting the sun” with our innovative solar panel farm that is adjacent to our olive mill in Lodi, California.

Not only is the sun contributing the energy our trees need to produce olives, it also provides the energy for our state-of-the-art mill to take those fall harvested olives and craft them into exceptionally fresh TRULY® Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

We take pride in being a pioneering leader in California olive oil. We hope you enjoy our premium quality TRULY® Extra Virgin Olive Oil, made especially for the most discerning chefs to create spectacularly flavorful food.